Marconi’s vehicles division has acquired over the past decades skills for the maintenance, overhaul and upgrade of military vehicles for Italian, NATO and foreign countries Armed Forces.
Reference list includes M109 A1, A3 and A5 howitzer, M60 A1 and A3 tank, M113 A2 / A2+ variants including Sidam 25 anti-aircraft, LVTP7 Amphibious vehicle, Leopard A1 and A5 MBT and its Recovery, Engineering and Bridgelayer variants, Centauro 8x8 MGS, Ariete MBT, Dardo IFV and Puma LAV 4x4 and 6x6.
In support of these activities Marconi can offer a highly experienced technical staff and a facility equipped with qualified cut & welding stations, sandblast tools, test bench for engines, hydraulic and mechanical transmission and a painting booth, all managed under the supervision of a ISO 9001:2008 approved quality system.
A vehicle test track, approximately 2 km long, is available inside the facility for mileage and acceptance tests of the overhauled/upgraded vehicles.
Marconi’s vehicles division is not only a Centre of Excellence for vehicle maintenance: our Engineering Department is devoted to developing new projects such as a 6x6 Amphibious SAR vehicle for Civil Protection, and the construction of the pedestal and platform of SPADA 2000 Plus Launching System.
3D Computer modeling and design centre is used to develop products based on customer’s requirements or on internal R&D activity.
A cooperative workflow loop among Engineering, Prototypes and Production departments guarantees high performance and quality standards for our products.

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