Marconi Composite & Armour System is the Business Unit dedicated to the supply of composite materials to the Defence, Aerospace and Naval Industries.
The lamination in autoclave with vacuum bag allows the fabrication of flat or curved panels in convenient sizes in many different use.
The armoured panels and ballistic protections systems are the most important products and represent the core business of the unit.

Marconi Industrial Services S.p.a
. is specialised in the complete process of designing, material research, development, certification, manufacturing and quality testing of ballistic protection solutions in accordance with strict regulations and high quality industry standards.
Material technologies used include metals, fiber reinforced composites and ceramics, often in combination, to provide the best overall solution.
Fiberglass, aramid or UHMWPE composites, often coupled with alumina and carbide ceramics, are used for the production of panel kits for the protection of vehicles, aircraft and helicopters.

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